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Dear QST Certified Trainer candidate,

Welcome to our online QST Certified Trainer course! If you do all your reading, follow instructions carefully when training parents, pay close attention to what you observe, and take full advantage of the opportunities for questions, I believe you will be astonished by the changes in the child and the improvement in the parent-child bond.

Training parents in QST is satisfying work. It puts real tools in the hands of those who need them the most. You will be working with parents who are in great need and have few options, and giving them information and skills that will change their children’s lives for the better. If you are motivated by the need to help others, you will find this truly satisfying.

Parents may not find the treatment easy to give at first. Each child is different. Some take quickly to it and improve from the start. Others struggle and take longer to show progress. You will have to work hard to help parents adapt their technique, find ways to distract their child, and persist despite resistance. Whatever happens, you can have confidence that your effort is worthwhile because the research shows that over time, resistance disappears and all children benefit.

The treatment should be given for 1-2 years for the child to receive the full benefit: children with severe autism move into the moderate range, and children with mild autism move off the spectrum. Whether the child receives the full benefit depends a great deal on you – the Qigong Trainer. It is up to you to empower parents with the skills, it is up to you to support them through the initial period of difficulty, and it is up to you to help parents see that their child needs the daily treatment in order to progress.

You will learn a lot during this course and your beliefs about what is possible for a child with autism will change. Please take full advantage of all opportunities given.

Best of luck in helping your family,

Sincerely yours,
Dr. Louisa Silva

Please review the Course Outline/Syllabus found here.