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  • QST Certified Trainer: Instruction is in English. Course projected to begin in August 2021, there is a waitlist for this course offering. Additional course offering are expected to follow, please submit an inquiry of interest for subsequent courses here.

If you want to enroll in a course but none of the current courses are convenient for you, please submit an inquiry of interest here and we will notify you when new courses are added. Also, if we generate enough interest in a particular location, we can schedule a course there. 

Course Description

This course will certify graduates to provide both the QST parent-delivered intervention and the QST Certified Trainer-delivered intervention. Students will learn principles of training and coaching parents in the parent autism treatment, as well as receive hands-on training and skill development in the QST autism treatment protocol.

This course is designed for occupational therapists, physical therapists, autism specialists, and other professionals working with young children with autism.

The course is five (in-person) or six (online) months in length and can include both on-site training and distance clinical supervision via Skype or similar platform.

Prior to the course, each student will recruit one child with autism and his/her family to work with during this five-month course.  To be eligible, the child should meet the following criteria:

  • Have a diagnosis of autism
  • Be under 12 years of age
  • Take little or no psychoactive medication or chelation therapy
  • Have no additional neurological disability (e.g. cerebral palsy or uncontrolled seizures)
  • No other intensive autism interventions should be planned to begin at the same time as QST (e.g. 20-40 hours of ABA per week)
  • Not be a family member or in the direct care of the QST Certified Trainer Course student

​The course begins with intensive training on theory and practice in the massage, over 4 days in person or 4 weeks online. This is followed by a five-month practicum during which time the student meets with the family on 20 occasions to provide training and support to the parents and to work directly with the child. Throughout the practicum, students are supervised by a QST Master Trainer and have the opportunity both to encounter and teach to difficulties that arise for parents in implementing daily treatment, and to hone their own skills in the more intensive QST Certified Trainer version of the treatment. Students will be required to have their QST Master Trainer supervise a minimum of 3 treatment sessions, either via Skype (or similar platform) or in-person. Students will also submit reports to their QST Master Trainer following each treatment session. There is a required orientation teleconference before the start of the course, there are two case study teleconferences required during the course, and the student must also conduct an exit interview with parents/caregivers of the child with whom they work during the course.

A sample of the Course Outline/Syllabus can be found here.


Students should:

  • Have at least two years of professional or para-professional experience working with children on the autism spectrum – or – be a parent or close family member of a child with autism
  • Be in good health, taking little or no chronic medication. The reason for this requirement is that Qigong Sensory Training utilizes the energy, intention and sensibility of the QST trainer. According to Chinese medicine, chronic illness and chronic medication decrease a person’s overall energy and sensitivity, and thus the resources they bring to working with QST.

Please note that the education portion of the course is intensive and, if you have a learning disability (e.g., ADHD, ADD) or if you have autism yourself, this course could prove to be challenging to complete.

Responsibilities of Students

  • Recruit and obtain the history and informed consent of a family with a child with autism that meets eligibility criteria for participation in the training. Click here to learn more about recruiting a family in order to finalize your registration.
  • Attend all sessions of the training, including required teleconferences, as scheduled
  • Collect pre- and post-test data from the child/family with whom they work during the course
  • Complete 20 treatment sessions with the child/family with whom they work

Graduation Requirements

  • Successfully complete practical and written exams
  • Complete 20 treatment appointments, including all QST Master Trainer supervised sessions, with a child with autism
  • Demonstrate ability to successfully “de-block” and “fill” during qigong massage sessions

Enrollment / Cancellation Policy

Classes will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Please submit an inquiry of interest to participate here. If you are accepted into the course after meeting pre-enrollment screening, you will enrolled in the course and payment of tuition will be due.

Full payment must be received with your enrollment. The course fee is refundable, minus a 10% administrative fee, 60 days or more prior to the start of the course. The registration fee, minus a 15% administrative fee, is refundable 30 to 59 days prior to the start of the course. No refunds are available within 30 days of the start of the course.

Contact Hours

Upon graduation, students receive a certificate documenting 80 contact hours from the Qigong Sensory Training Institute.

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Qigong Sensory Training Institute (QSTI) is a nonprofit organization that developed and teaches Qigong Sensory Treatment (QST) to parents and professionals. We are the only source in the world that teaches QST, and only organizations and individuals certified by us are qualified to teach and treat. See the list of QST Certified Trainers here.