Frequently Asked Questions


1. My child is over age 12. Will QSTI help?

While our clinical work has focused on children through age 12, we have been told by many parents that QST massage benefits their children older than age 12. It does require more energy to work on a larger child, so it can be beneficial if you have one or more other close friends or family members who can help. We have also heard from some adults who have an ASD diagnosis that the QST massage or the Self-Care DVD relieves symptoms. However, because we have not studied older children in a clinical setting, we are unable to definitively assert that the protocol will help older children or adults.

2. What protocol do you recommend for cerebral palsy? What book should I buy?

We do not have a protocol-specific for cerebral palsy. We make individualized changes to our protocols according to the individual child. In the many different cases of cerebral palsy, even with the big division between spastic and flaccid, there are too many differences between children to recommend a one-protocol-fits-all approach.

We recommend that parents of children with cerebral palsy schedule a video coaching session with one of our master trainers who is also an occupational therapist. This will allow our therapist to see your child, his/her specific disability and reactions to touch, and to recommend specific individualized modifications. Please contact us before you purchase a session so that we can confirm that a Skype session with a master trainer would benefit your child.

3. Can we do olive oil massage within (either before or after) 1 hr of doing qigong massage?

We do not recommend two kinds of massage when starting qigong massage.  With qigong massage, we are providing an organized, therapeutic stimulus to the brain via the skin, and we do not want to confuse or dilute that effect with another form of massage.

4. Is there a particular time of the day when we should qigong massage that gives more benefits?

Qigong massage is generally given once or twice a day. Time of day is determined by when massage best fits into the child’s routine. It is usually done before bedtime, but sometimes before or after school.


1. Can I enroll now in QST for Autism and then receive a discount if I later enroll in the QST Autism Certified Trainer course?

At the current time, no. The courses are taught from different perspectives. 

Technical Questions and Shipping

1. The link to the English autism online materials doesn’t work!

The publisher of our autism book in English printed the book with a typo. The material was put online by our publisher and we have no control over the site or how you access the materials. Contact us to receive the correct link.

2. Where is my package? I ordered it weeks ago!

The USPS provides tracking to the door in some countries and only to the border in others. We have seen orders to some parts of the world take as long as four weeks. While we could offer shipping with UPS or DHL, it is prohibitively expensive and we prefer not to do that.

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