Training Options For Parents

If there is no QST-certified trainer near you, the best option is to take our online course for parents, which offers 6 distance supervisions ($500 US). Parents learn a lot about the massage, about autism, and have the best chance of optimizing the massage for their child and working through the initial difficulties.  

The least expensive option is to get our parent training package for children (book, journal and DVD – $45 US). 

In general, research shows that the more training and support the parent receives from a QST-trained professional, the better the results for the child. Here are the options in order of decreasing cost and effectiveness:

1. In-Person Training from a QST Certified Trainer

A QST Certified Trainer provides children hands-on therapy and teaches parents how to deliver the therapy to their own child. This is the level of parent training and support that resulted in the large decrease in autism severity in our research studiesCost/session varies. Click the link to find a QST Certified Trainer  in your area.

2. Online Training for Parents with Supervision

This option was designed to optimize results for the child, in areas where in-person training is not available. The course is taught by a QST Certified Trainer with a web-delivery certification and provides training with one-on-one coaching via web-based programs. See QST Online Training for Parents for more information. Cost $495. To enroll in the online training, submit an inquiry of interest.

3. Self-study program

Learn the therapy techniques by reading our parent training book and watching the included
video. Use our parent workbook to help you keep track of your child’s daily progress, and
prepare your child for massage with a social story. Purchase all three items in a package,
available in the website store. Also, individual coaching can be acquired by contacting a QST
Certified Trainer.

Getting Started with QST

Now that you have determined which training program will work for you, contact us today.

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Qigong Sensory Training Institute (QSTI) is a nonprofit organization that developed and teaches Qigong Sensory Therapy (QST) to parents and professionals. Only organizations and individuals certified by QSTI are qualified to teach QST or offer QST services. See the list of Certified Trainers here.