QST CT: Online Autism Parent Trainer Endorsement

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Course Discription

This 12-week online course provides training and certification in the theoretical and practical skills needed to train parents to proficiency in QST for autism via online delivery. During the course, students under the supervision of a QST Master Trainer will work directly with the family of a child with autism, train the parents to adapt the massage to their child’s responses, and provide 6 teleconference coaching sessions aimed at developing parent skills and optimizing therapy outcomes for the child.

The course involves extensive reading, bi-weekly online meetings with parents and online discussion forums. It is important to stay on the course schedule and not fall behind. Successful students are independent learners with high motivation, strong organizational skills, and the ability to self-monitor progress relative to multiple course requirements. See complete course schedule at the bottom of the page.


QST Certified Trainer having successfully worked with 4 children in an in-person setting

Responsibilities of Participants

  • Prior to starting the course, QST Master Trainer will assign a family with a child with autism for the Trainer to work with during the course.
  • Collect pre- and post-therapy data from the child/family
  • Complete all course requirements on time
  • Complete 6 coaching support sessions with the child/family

    Graduation Requirements

    • Successfully complete written quizzes online
    • Successfully pass a practical exam via Skype and a final written exam
    • Complete 12 coaching support sessions with the family
    • Demonstrate the ability to coach the parent to adapt the massage to their own child

    Enrollment / Cancellation Policy

    Classes will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Please submit an inquiry of interest to participate here. If you are accepted into the course after meeting pre-enrollment screening, you will enrolled in the course and payment of tuition will be due.

    Full payment must be received with your enrollment. The course fee is refundable, minus a 10% administrative fee, 60 days or more prior to the start of the course. The registration fee, minus a 15% administrative fee, is refundable 30 to 59 days prior to the start of the course. No refunds are available within 30 days of the start of the course

    Contact Hours

    Upon graduation, students receive a certificate documenting 24 contact hours from the Qigong Sensory Training Institute.

    Parent’s Online Course Timeline

    Course Activities Value
    Prior to beginning coursework

    1)  Recruit and consent the parents of a child with autism (under age 6) who meet eligibility requirements, and agree to provide daily QST massage for 12 weeks with training and support from you

    2)  Pre-test the child via parent interview and questionnaires (Parent History, Parent Concerns, Autism Touch and Self-Regulation Checklist, Autism Parenting Stress Index). 

    3)  Ask the parent to purchase the Parent Essentials Package that is appropriate for their child.

    Week 1
    Review of QST massage research
    Role and responsibility of the QST parent trainer
    Week 2
    The form of the massage
    Week 3
    Attuning the massage
    Week 4
    Body language during massage
    Week 5
    Train your parents in QST Massage
    Week 6
    First Coaching Visit
    Week 7
    Second coaching visit
    Activating the skin-brain connection
    ​Recognizing signs of progress
    Week 8
    Third coaching visit
    ​Extra techniques for extending the massage
    Week 9
    Fourth coaching visit
    ​Emotional release
    Week 10
    Fifth coaching visit
    Additional techniques to extend the massage
    Week 11
    Sixth coaching visit
    ​Managing aggression
    Week 12
    Seventh coaching visit
    The healing process with QST massage
    Week 13
    Eighth coaching visit
    ​Understanding toxicity
    Week 14
    Ninth coaching visit
    Week 15
    Tenth coaching visit
    Belief & long-term follow-through with massage 
    Week 16
    Eleventh coaching visit
    ​Additional questions and concerns
    Week 17
    Final coaching visit
    Week 18
    Week 19
    Next steps for the parent
    Week 20
    ​​Next steps for the graduate


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