Professional Training and Certification Options

The Qigong Sensory Training Institute offers four levels of professional development. Each level earns a professional certificate. Two core certification courses are offered: (1)  QST Autism Parent Trainer, and (2) QST Autism Child Therapist and Parent Trainer. Courses are offered in several locations and languages, see the worldwide calendar for specific offerings. Advanced training and certification to teach the QST online and onsite courses is also available.

QST-1 – QST Autism Parent Trainer 

Who is this course for?

  • Individuals working in the autism field who do not have a professional license to provide hands-on therapy, e.g. school employees, autism parent training and support staff
  • ​Individuals with a hands-on therapy license who wish to explore the QST intervention before committing to therapist training


  • ​Be the parent of a child with autism and have completed the QST course for parents
  • OR– have a minimum of one year of professional or para-professional work experience with children with autism

Course description: This core certification course trains and certifies graduates to train and support parents in the QST Autism Parent protocol. It is a 20-hour online and Skype course. It does not certify graduates to provide direct hands-on treatment to children. 

QST-2 – QST Autism Child Therapist and Parent Trainer

Who is this course for?  Therapists wanting to provide  QST parent training and hands-on therapy to children with autism.

Pre-requisites: 2 years professional experience working with families and children with autism, hands-on experience with children with autism.

Course description: This core certification course trains and certifies graduates to provide direct, hands-on, treatment to children using the QST Autism Therapist protocol and to train parents in the QST Autism Parent protocol. It is a 40-hour combined onsite and online course. Click here for a detailed course description.

NEW Online QST Training course for professionals! 
In response to COVID-19 restrictions, QSTI is bringing QST training courses online. The QST therapist online training course is in development and expected to be available in August, 2021. We’re also excited that our online course fees will be considerably less than our in-person training fees!

To receive an announcement when the course is available, please click here and send us a message now. Also, do keep an eye on this site for further information and course announcements.

QST-2a DS Therapists- QST for Down Syndrome

Who is this course for? Therapsts with QST-2 certification wanting to provide QST parent training and hands-on therapy to children with DS.

Pre-requisites: QST-1 or QST-2 certification and clinical experience.

Course Description: This is an half-day course providing onsite training in the QST Down Syndrome protocol. The protocol can be implemented either via a parent-training model, or via a parent training and direct treatment model. The course is offered as an add-on at the end of selected QST-2 courses. 

QST-4 – QST Master Trainer

Pre-requisites: QST-2 certification and clinical experience. Candidates are accepted on a case-by-case basis.

Course Description: This  five month course trains and certifies QST-2 graduates to train professionals in the QST-2 Child Therapist and Parent Trainer intervention. Click the button below for a detailed course description.

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Qigong Sensory Training Institute (QSTI) is a nonprofit organization that developed and teaches Qigong Sensory Treatment (QST) to parents and professionals. We are the only source in the world that teaches QST, and only organizations and individuals certified by us are qualified to teach and treat. See the list of QST Certified Trainers here.