This week, you will make coaching/treatment visits 17 & 18. Post your case notes in the Discussion Forum immediately following your treatment visit. Your supervisor will read your weekly case notes on the forum and provide feedback and answer any questions you may have. In your case notes, use ONLY the INITIALS of the child with whom you are working! This will protect the privacy of the child.

Understanding Toxicity

Research has now shown that autism is not a simple genetic condition, and the research call to determine the environmental causes of autism has gone out. Research also shows that children with autism are especially sensitive to small amounts of toxins in their food, medicine or environment, and the first place that exposure shows is in children’s behavior.

One of the main signs that parents report when children are exposed to toxins is an increase in difficult behaviors such as aggression, hyperactivity, or fatigue, as well as physical symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, rash or fever.

Ask your parent whether the child shows signs of toxicity in response to certain foods, chemicals or medicines, and if he does, discuss what can be done to prevent exposure. Let the parent know that giving QST is one of the best ways to help the child’s body clear toxins on a daily basis.