This week, you will make coaching/treatment visits 11 & 12. Post your case notes in the Discussion Forum immediately following your treatment visit. Your supervisor will read your weekly case notes on the forum and provide feedback and answer any questions you may have. In your case notes, use ONLY the INITIALS of the child with whom you are working! This will protect the privacy of the child.


Any discussion with the parent about diet must be done with sensitivity and respect for the parents’ experiences, choices and resources.  Your parent may already have explored making changes to the child’s diet, and come to their own conclusions.  In addition, there are factors such as cost and time for meal preparation over which your parent may have little control.

It is also important to recognize that there is a lot of conflicting information on the internet about diet for a child with autism. No diet has nearly the research results with autism that QST has.

There are, however, a few basics about diet for which there is general consensus:

  1. It is best for children to have regular home-made meals
  2. It is best to limit fast food and processed foods
  3. It is best to avoid food that is high in sugar and red-dye

Ask your parent about the child’s diet and explore whether they think making a change in the diet would help the child’s behavior and/or physical symptoms.