This 20-week course guides you through the clinical supervision portion of the QST Trainer course. During the clinical supervision portion of this course, you will deliver 20 QST coaching/treatments to the child with whom you are working and train and support the child’s parents to learn the movements and how to attune them to their child’s needs as she/he changes and improves.

It is vitally important that you complete the course assignments on time and submit your case notes to the discussion forum immediately following each treatment. You will be sharing your experiences with other students in the Discussion Forum. Your supervisor will provide feedback and direction on your case notes. If you send notes from more than one treatment session at a time to your supervisor, you will get feedback on the latest note only, as previous notes will have outdated information.

You will Skype a minimum of three treatment sessions with your supervisor. If you do not yet have a Skype account, please go to to download and install the free software, and open a Skype account using the same email address you used to register for this course.

Graduation Requirements:

  1. Complete 20 coaching/treatments.
  2. Submit your treatment case notes to the discussion forum immediately after each treatment session and incorporate your supervisor’s feedback into your next treatment sessions.
  3. Complete your Skype supervision sessions with your supervisor as requested.
  4. Participate in two required conference calls, one at mid-point and one at the end of the course.
  5. Complete post-testing with your family.
  6. Complete course evaluation.
  7. Complete a supervisor evaluation form, if requested.
  8. Receive a recommendation from your supervisor that you have satisfactorily completed and pass the course.
  9. Sign QST Certified Trainer Agreement.

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