If you do not already have a daily Qigong practice you can purchase Dr. Silva’s Self-Care Qigong DVD from the store on QSTI’s website.

Qigong exercises have been used in China for thousands of years to improve health and longevity. We developed the Self-Care Qigong program specifically for parents and trainers working with children with autism. The program helps clear the body of toxins, and is a gentle way to relax and energize everyday.

A QST Certified Trainer/parent uses her/his own energy to connect with a child and move energy. Because QST draws on the Certified Trainer/parent energy it is important that the Certified Trainer’s energy is clear and full. Practicing the self-care protocol in the video will help clear and maintain the Certified Trainer’s energy body. When a Certified Trainer/parent moves blocked energy in a child, that energy has to go somewhere. Generally it moves down the channel and out. A Certified Trainer/parent can however take on some of that blocked energy if their energy channels are not clear and filled. Regular self-care Qigong can help avoid this. If during a QST session a Certified Trainer/parent finds themselves feeling hot, red in the face, dizzy or suddenly tired, they can clear the blocked energy from their own energy body by using the windmill motion to push the blocked energy out and then bringing clear energy back in.

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