QST-4: Master Trainer Course

Cost: 50% of the QST-2 course fee

Course Discription

The QST-4 Master Trainer Development Training is available for QST therapists interested in providing training in the QST intervention for professionals working with children with autism.

Therapists who successfully complete all the requirements of all phases of the QST-4 Master Training Development Program and are awarded QST Master Trainer status are qualified to teach the QST-2 Dual Therapist course.


  • Completed QST-2 training
  • Successfully worked with 12 children (ages 2 to 11) and families and demonstrated positive outcomes on pre-/post-test results

Course requirements

  • Co-teach a QST-2 training with a Master Trainer
  • Supervise a minimum of two therapists with supervision support from a Master Trainer

For more information about Master Trainer Development Training and application to the program, download the QST Master Trainer Candidate Application Packet.

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Qigong Sensory Training Institute (QSTI) is a nonprofit organization that developed and teaches Qigong Sensory Treatment (QST) to parents and professionals. We are the only source in the world that teaches QST, and only organizations and individuals certified by us are qualified to teach and treat. See the list of QST Certified Trainers here.