This week, you will make coaching/treatment visits 7 & 8. Coaching/treatment visit #8 with your family will be your Skype session with your supervisor. Post your case notes in the Discussion Forum immediately following your treatment visit. Your supervisor will read your weekly case notes on the forum and provide feedback and answer any questions you may have. In your case notes, use ONLY the INITIALS of the child with whom you are working! This will protect the privacy of the child.

This week you will prepare your parent for the 4-week break.

These goals should be met by the end of the first series :

  • The yang must go down from the head.
  • Blocks must have been removed from the head and neck.
  • Toxicity in the belly must clear.
  • In addition, sleep and digestion should have improved, the senses should have improved and awareness should be growing.

If these goals have not been met by coaching/treatment #10, and you are concerned that your child or family is NOT ready to break, please talk with your supervisor. You can continue to see your child/family once or twice a week until you feel they are ready for a break – if at all.