This week, you will make coaching/treatment visits 19 & 20. Post your case notes in the Discussion Forum immediately following your treatment visit. Your supervisor will read your weekly case notes on the forum and provide feedback and answer any questions you may have. In your case notes, use ONLY the INITIALS of the child with whom you are working! This will protect the privacy of the child.

Extending QST: Extra Techniques

One way to increase the effectiveness of QST is to invite the other parent or partner or another family member to join in. Two energies that are gently tuned into the child can be stronger than one, and there are parts of the treatment that are much easier to do with two people. Identify another person who can help, and think through how you will coach them to join in.

There are several ways to extend the effectiveness of the QST each day. One is the variation of movement 7 to help the child stay calm while making transitions during the day. You will find this in the Workbook and the Parent Handbook. Note that it is a “Touch first, Talk second” technique.