This week, you will make coaching/treatment visits 1 & 2. Coaching/treatment visit #2 with your family will be your Skype session with your supervisor. Post your case notes in the Discussion Forum immediately following your treatment visit. Your supervisor will read your weekly case notes on the forum and provide feedback and answer any questions you may have. In your case notes, use ONLY the INITIALS of the child with whom you are working! This will protect the privacy of the child.

When you offer parents training and support in QST, you are offering them a chance to improve their child’s autism. Your family is fortunate to have connected with you. QST is the only intervention with controlled research studies showing improvement in all aspects of autism. QST has better results across the spectrum than any other autism intervention, and parents who receive help from a QST Certified Trainer have better results than parents who are on their own.

IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU MAINTAIN THE COACHING/TREATMENT SCHEDULE. If you miss a day, make three appointments the following week to stay on schedule. Just make sure you leave a day in between visits.

Managing Aggression: “Gentle Hands or Feet.” This technique uses touch first – to orient the child’s attention to the part of the body that is expressing aggression – and then to correct the behavior. When the child moves to aggression with the hands (pinching, hitting), or the feet (kicking), the parent remains calm, squeezes the hand/foot firmly, and follows with the following statement in a calm voice: “No hitting/pinching/kicking, we have gentle hands/feet.” The parent continues to squeeze the hand/foot and repeat the instruction until they have the child’s attention and the child has calmed. The parent then continues with the movements. Typically, as soon as the child feels the squeeze on the hand or foot, the aggressive behavior stops instantly.